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vomir (roro perrot) - musique de l'indifférence

Vomir (roro Perrot)

Musique De L'indifférence

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Label : Peripheral
Support : LP

Harsh Noise

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- Commentaire de : vomir (2012-09-18)

vomir - musique de l'indiffére
VITAL WEEKLY VOMIR - MUSIQUE DE L’INDIFFÉRENCE (LP/CD by Peripheral records) Vomir represents the definitive HNW- An LP of 33 rpm A side, CD and B side 45rpm of the LP. Despite other reviews this is not nihilist, sceptic or brutal or even particularly harsh – if any of these predicates could be used, and so point in some metaphysics of an essence for a listener, even if one which withdraws from itself and others including the listener, then the title would render the whole instantiation contradictory or push it into some post-modern ironic chain of signification … the other other - difference … would not be in – difference. It doesn’t take a genius to see the two possibilities here. Ignoring the dictionary definition which locksus firmly into some humanism which Vomir I would argue eschews – at its most simplistic we lack difference then we lack the possibility of signification, lack of representamen, semiotic object, qualisign, sinsign, legisign, rheme or dicisign… etc / et al. Hence – conversely and perversely the precise definition of Noise which I continually claim as the hallmark of Vomir’s work. The only problematic therefore is of “tool-being” which might existin such HNW, you know - the all too difficulty of a failure of some kind – where? – here? However in order to avoid such a “breaking” Vomir’s work despite itself can be a negative epistemics and totalised ontology – an exogenetic signified something along the lines of a generic matrix but of “Reals”. (jliat) TOCHNIT ALEPH "new no-nonsense Harsh Noise Wall Situationism "




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vomir (roro perrot) - musique de l'indifférence
Vomir (roro perrot)
Musique de l'indifférence
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