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TOP 40 Souffle Continu – 2021

TOP 40 Souffle Continu – 2021

Ben LaMar Gay - Open Arms to Open Us (International Anthem).
Jac Berrocal & Riverdog - Fallen Chrome (nato).
The Bug – Fire (Ninja Tune).
Michael Bisio - Fred Lonberg-Holm - Juma Sultan - Joe McPhee - The Sweet Spot (Rogueart).
Jérôme Noetinger - Lionel Fernandez - Outer Blanc (Sonoris).
Marthe Lea Band – Asura (Motvind).
Low - Hey What (Sub Pop).
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (Luaka Bop).
Archie Shepp &     [...]





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imaginary forces - filth columnist

Imaginary Forces

Filth Columnist

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Label : Ohm resistance
Support : CD

Dub/breakbeat/hip hop

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imaginary forces - filth colum
London's Anthoney Hart, aka Imaginary Forces, sees his full length debut with a project designed to truly tear about boundaries and deconstruct drum n bass to its most nightmarish form. Combining drone guitar, the epic sludge bass (with guest Submerged), and spastic, scatterfire beat patterns, "Filth Columnist" puts any modern "dark" drum n bass far to shame. An innovative approach and an album that will be for many a challenging listen, but its rewards are bountiful.




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