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Fred Frith "Influences"

Une séance d'écoute : "Influences", en la présence exceptionnelle de Fred Frith, est proposée en partenariat avec le festival Sons D'Hiver et le disquaire militant Souffle Continu dans le cadre des Tambours Conférences du festival...

Fred Frith traverse les mondes de la musique depuis des années : le rock, le jazz, l'improvisation, le contemporain... En Europe, aux Amériques, en Asie... Les disques qu'il a enregistrés, mais aussi les disques qui l'ont marqué, sont comme des boussoles au gré de ses pérégrination     [...]





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75011 Paris
M° Philippe Auguste
M° Voltaire




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evil madness - cafe cicago (ltd 300)

Evil Madness

Cafe Cicago (ltd 300)

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Actuellement indisponible

Label : Ultra eczema
Support : LP

Electronique Minimale

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- Commentaire de : soufflecontinu (2010-09-16)

evil madness - cafe cicago
things were different in thailand a few years back, since it's inhabited by the sleazy christophersons or lou de preycks of our time, you can not just enter cocktail bars anymore without showing your ID! the idea is simple and plain though: watching the sunset with purple sunglasses and a fresh strawberry diahreah with ice in your hands while listening to classic german kraut or early kraftmenship from the same country! sliding over the autobahn while dreaming away on the analog waves of throbbing 80's fueled synth blubber! knowing that everything is gonne be alright while putting your icecold hand on her warm wet bibs! this record is the summer hit of 2010, a heroic soundtrack to staring into nothingness! the ideal trigger for a change of times! and especially the absolute tribute to krautrock, early german electronics, and later spin offs of neu, harmonia etc.. the band michael rother should have been in! an absolute "super group" with morthound's BJ NILSEN, classical mad scientist JOHANN JOHANNSSON, roadchief PETUR EYVINDSSON and intense visual artists and STILLUPSTEYPA members HELGI THORSON and SIGTRYGUR BERG SIGMARSSON!! comes in a collaged cover design by denniss tyfusson limited to 300 copies




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