18 & 19 octobre 2019

JAZZ & MUSIQUES LIBRES à Berthelot (Montreuil) #3

Le jazz est une musique de création et de (re)création permanente. Après le chaleureux succès des deux premières éditions de notre festival, le Théâtre Municipal Berthelot – Jean Guerrin, nous reçoit de nouveau cet automne...

Vendredi 18 octobre 2019 à 20h30
Alexandre Du Closel (claviers) Morgane Carnet (saxophones) Jean-Brice Godet (clarinettes) Luca Ventimiglia (vibraphone).

Steve Potts quartet avec Jobic Le Masson
Steve Potts (saxophones)     [...]





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avarus - toosassa (ltd 300)


Toosassa (ltd 300)

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Actuellement indisponible

Label : Ultra eczema
Support : LP

Free Folk
Free Rock

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- Commentaire de : soufflecontinu (2010-09-16)

avarus - toosassa (ltd 300)
"When you go to Finland, a country where 95% of the population is inbreed, chances are that you will meet at least 7 members of the Avarus family! You can smell them from a mile away, they're the adults raising their kids on homebrew white spirit, continuously producing the kind of farts you can't hear though the stench is worse than the ones that sound like a brassband. Behind every Finnish tree there is a member of Avarus humping another Avarus member, and rarely a Kemialliset Ystavat member (the other 5% of Finns). The governement of Finland is not proud of this sick family, they try to keep it silent, rarely give interviews to press from other countries and make sure planes hardly fly out. Though for some reason Arttu Partinen, Roope Eronen and Tero Niskanen made it as a trio in a small boat to the USA. The only instruments that made it were a few balloons and a crappy casio. On arrival they found a microphone, a drum and more toys, climbed the WFMU building and played the craziest session ever! Like a bunch of children discovering the 50's euro avant garde scene, the 60's psychedelic free jazz and pre-punk scene, the 70's sound poetry and punk scene and the 80's disco scene in one afternoon!! This LP sounds like a mix of all of that I guess. Limited to 300 copies, comes in a psychedelic duo coloured cover by Dennis Tyfus."




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