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François Corneloup ''Révolut!on''

François Corneloup – Saxophone baryton / compositions.

Invité par Souffle Continu, François Corneloup présentera son nouvel album : ''Révolution'' et proposera un solo acoustique à cette occasion. Fort d'une aventure déterminante, à ses débuts, dans l'action collective au sein de la Compagnie Lubat et d'une très belle collaboration avec le contrebassiste Henri Texier, le puissant compositeur et saxophoniste François Corneloup (Noir Lumière, Ursus Minor, Jardins ouvriers, Singing Fellows, Next, Le Peuple Étinc     [...]





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ehnahre - taming the cannibals


Taming The Cannibals

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Label : Crucial blast
Support : CD

Death Metal

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- Commentaire de : soufflecontinu (2010-12-24)

ehnahre - taming the cannibals
Taming the Cannibals, the sophomore full-length from avant-black / death / doom band Ehnahre, is one of the more cerebral and challenging death metal albums to come through the Crucial Blast headquarters this year. Featuring former members of prog / gothic art-rockers Kayo Dot and avant-death metalists Biolich, the Boston-based group unleashes extreme chaotic dissonance and pitch-black chthonic textures--a combination of atonal 20th-century classical music and vicious blackened death laced with stretches of intense choral ambience and blasts of calcifying, glacial doom. Ehnahre creates some of the most difficult death metal out there, but balances the relentlessly unpredictable arrangements with seething aggression and crushing riffage. Taming the Cannibals continues the discordant black art first witnessed on their 2008 debut album The Man Closing Up. Once again, Ehnahre employs horns and strings, this time performed by guest musicians Greg Kelly (Heathen Shame) on trumpet and C Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) on violin, draping sheets of high-end violin skree and free jazz across ethereal blastscapes and apocalyptic feedback. Six lengthy tracks of demented and distended death metal and harrowing atonality pull the listener ever deeper into claustrophobic depths, crafting a terrifying, hellish vision that makes the skin crawl and sets nerves on edge.




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